IMU Establishes an International Research Center on Jerusalem and Palestine Studies


An “International Research Center on Jerusalem and Palestine Studies” has been established by IMU as a sub-unit of its Center for Civilization Studies (ISMAM). As Turkey’s first academic research center on the subject, the new unit aims to provide qualified interdisciplinary academic support on Jerusalem and Palestine.  

The center is managed by Prof. Dr. Berdal Aral of IMU’s Department of International Relations and mainly aims to assemble and contribute to the existing research on Jerusalem, Palestine, and the Middle East in the fields of political science, management, history, literature, sociology etc. and to develop feasible policy suggestions for decision makers.

ISMAM’s International Research Center on Jerusalem and Palestine Studies plans to conduct studies and exert efforts in the following fields of activity:

  • To study the history of Jerusalem and Palestine from the ancient times until now;
  • To examine the status of Jerusalem as determined by international law and UN’s decisions;
  • To analyze the potential role of Jerusalem and Palestine in establishing world peace;
  • To mold public opinion and raise national and global awareness about Palestine and Jerusalem;
  • To conduct scientific research jointly with similar research centers and scientific research institutes around the world;
  • To organize panels, conferences and workshops on Jerusalem and Palestine to inform the public about existing research findings;  
  • To develop policy suggestions to arrive at a peaceful and fair solution for Jerusalem and Palestine;
  • To create and publish books, journals, and other printed and visual products on these matters to develop a local and national literature.