Health and Counseling

Health and Counseling

Medical Services

Our students can use public health services by transferring their register for primary care to the nearest Family Health Center. The transfer can be made through E-nabız application or by personally applying to the concerned family health center. 112 Health Services hotline managed by the T.R. Ministry of Health is used for emergencies. Also, preparations are underway for providing mild medical services (medical dressings etc.) on campus by attending nurses.

Psychotherapy and Counseling Services

All of us may sometimes find ourselves facing problems that are difficult to cope with. Some problems relating to school achievement, emotional relations, family, and work etc. may undermine our cognitive, emotional, and physical resilience. And at this point, one may need psychological support. For stress-coping methods and resilience levels are different for all of us. Thus, we offer psychotherapy and counseling services to our students, staff, and staff relatives in the South Campus.

In our Psychotherapy and Counseling Center, we aim to

  • assist our students, staff, and staff relatives in their emotional, mental, and social development and academic problems, and
  • support their ongoing psychological treatment particularly through cognitive behavioral psychotherapy with the approval and collaboration of the patient’s doctor.

No health insurance is required for counseling visits and all our students, staff members, and staff relatives can use our counseling services by making an appointment through the system from 09:00 to 16:00 every weekday. No appointment is needed for emergency visits; we will do our best to slot you in.

You can find more info on our Psychotherapy and Counseling Center here and access the appointment system here.