Cultural and Artistic Activities

Cultural and Artistic Activities

Istanbul Medeniyet University offers its students and staff a rich cultural environment with regard to cultural and artistic activities and propagates this richness to the community through public events. In addition to the diverse activities organized by our academic and administrative units, our student clubs also organize a wide variety of events including conferences, seminars, panels, symposia, interviews, and workshops, for which they receive all kind of logistic support from the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. All units may use our halls free of charge for the events they organize by making an online reservation on the Event Management System (EYS) and all student clubs wishing to receive support for their events are provided logistic support and refreshments etc if they apply through the EYS system. You can apply to the Event Management System (EYS) here.

For all cultural, artistic and scientific/academic events, we are at the service of our students and staff with the following conference and meeting halls:

Âşık Paşa Conference Hall (260 people) and Ömer Halisdemir Lecture Hall (96 people) in our South Campus;

Hekim Berke Lecture Hall (110 people), Youth Office and Book Café in the North Campus;

Conference Hall (400 people) and Mini Cinema Hall (50 people) in Cevizli Campus;

Conference Hall (320 people) and Seminar Hall (130 people) in Orhanlı Campus.

Click here for information on the Event Management System and how to apply to receive logistic support for an event.

The Department of Health, Culture and Sports also organizes cultural trips inside and outside Istanbul and offers transportation support to our units and student clubs wishing to organize trips. In addition, our students are offered various courses, trainings and workshops such as foreign language courses, workshops on software and robotic coding or first aid and life skills free of charge. We recommend you to follow the announcements on the webpage of the Department of Health, Culture and Sports and the university homepage  so as not to miss these events.