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International Conference on Islam in Africa: Past, Present and the Future


Organized by the Foundation for Research in Islamic Sciences (ISAV) in cooperation with Istanbul Medeniyet University and the Association of Researchers in Africa (AFAM) on 22-23 April 2017 in Topkapı Eresin Hotel, the “International Conference on Islam in Africa” will bring together renowned scientists from Turkey and various African countries.

During the conference, 36 papers will be presented by academics and researchers in Turkish, Arabic, French and English, discussing various topics including the spread of Islam in Africa, the role of different countries founded in the continent both in Islam and world history, their struggles against imperialism, the blows inflicted by imperialist countries on Muslim communities in Africa, missionary activities in the continent, and the recovery of Muslim societies in continental Africa after they gained their independence.

Please click here to download the Conference handbook.