A New Book on Turkey’s Foreign Policy by our Faculty Assoc. Prof. İdris Demir


Turkey's Foreign Policy Towards the Middle East: Under the Shadow of the Arab Spring, the latest book edited by our faculty Assoc. Prof. İdris Demir, has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 

Contributors to the book include Serif Esendemir, Sebnem Udum, Arif Bağbaşlıoğlu, Idris Demir, Nezir Akyesilmen, Bugra Sari, Mehmet Şahin, Muzaffer Ercan Yilmaz, Bagci Huseyin, and Zeynep Guven Lulaci. The book investigates the effects of the Arab Spring on Turkish foreign policy using a multidimensional approach that draws on a wide range of disciplines from international relations to sociology and economics.

İdris Demir is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Sciences of International Relations at IMU. He is also the author of International Oil Politics, Markets and Prices and the Gas Exporting Countries Forum on Global Energy Geopolitics, and the editor of Turkey’s Foreign Policy: New Trends, New Orientations, New Approaches